Step 1: This formula will give a score which indicates how ethical or unethical something is to a target audience. The formula relies on quality inputs to provide a quality output. Begin by choosing the ethical situation or product to calculate and typing the name in the first box.

Step 2: Choose the target audience. What may feel ethical (or not) to you may feel different to someone else. Atilla The Hun will have different ethical values then Bernie Sanders. The end result will only feel "right" to you personally if you choose yourself as the target audience. Try using different target audiences to get different results.

Step 3: Make a list of values that have worth or importance to your target audience (or society). Click here or go to the bottom of the page for some examples of what these values might be. It is usually best to use the values that are most important to your target audience to get a more accurate measurement. If you are missing key values you may get a result that feels incomplete. It may be useful to make your list separately and add them into the formula later. Add a new value block by pressing the Add Value button. If you have too many, you can remove value blocks with the Remove Value button.

Step 4: Give each value a weight which signifies how important the value is relative to the other values. If some values are more important than others, give them a heavier weight (0.50 is twice as important as 0.25). The weights do not need to be equal but they should add up to 1.00.

Step 5: Rate each value 4 times on a 1-5 scale. With 1 meaning that the value is defended or not violated, and 5 meaning that the value has been devistatingly violated by whatever your product/service is.
  • Worst Outcome Median: The worst case scenario for the middle most person
  • Average Outcome Median: The average case scenario for the middle most person
  • Worst Outcome Outlier: The worst case scenario for the outlier person
  • Average Outcome Outlier: The average case scenario for the outlier person
Step 6: Hit the Final Score button to calculate your results! Please remember that a 10 on the scale is reserved for the most unethical behaviors (think genocide, slavery, murder, etc.), and a 2 on the scale is reserved for the most benign behaviors.

Ethical Situation or Product To Calculate

Target Audience

List of Values

Final Score Results

List of Some Example Values:
  • Freedom of expression, movement, thought, time, and choice without interruption
  • Privacy
  • Collectivism (prioritization of the group over the self)
  • Freedom of religious choice
  • Private property
  • Freedom to have marriage/relationships/familial bonds
  • Health or safety
  • Economic freedom
  • Freedom from the quartering of soldiers (this is a joke for you third amendment fans out there)